About Popcorn Time and its developer. It was first established in 2014 by a group of torrent fans. The application has been in development ever since and still very active today. The core reason for the software is its bittorrent features and an inbuilt media player. The excellent combination of these two make it the best way to stream movie torrents online.

Popcorn Time has been compared mostly to the paid service Netflix. They both offer quite similar functions. One can also add trackers manually to PT. The original author is Federico Abad, but soon after first legal troubles began, the team behind YTS torrent system took over the development.

The software comes in 44 different languages, under GPL v3 license. Its development is currently active.

Due to legal troubles in some countries, the creators have had to change the domain address of Popcorn Time very often. Still being a popular platform thanks to the large and loyal community of online activists, PT is becoming more and more used daily.