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Popcorn Time is a popular software program which has been gaining in popularity since it was created in 2014. The software offers a bridge between BitTorrent and media streaming and has brought this to mainstream apps. The software allows you to watch new blockbuster movies and TV series anytime you want with a simple click or tap of your finger.

What Is Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is an open source, multi-platform Bittorrent client which includes a slick media player. The software was designed to stream pirated content as a rival to services like Netflix. However, the software will not actually stream unauthorized copies of films and TV. The system uses sequential downloading and uploading in order to play the content in the media player.

The Group Behind It

Many people want to know more about the people behind the application and apps that they use. However, the identities of the original team behind Popcorn Time were kept hidden. The group does rally around the popcorn-faced mascot of the app Pochoclin who has signed all of their posts on the internet. YTS is the group that is behind the popular app and Popcorn Time website which is a direct spinoff of the original project.

There are other anonymous groups around the work who have worked together to create Popcorn Time. Several of these projects will work with the Time 4 Popcorn site.

How Does Popcorn Time Work?

When you look at the software from the user end, it works almost identically to Netflix with the advantage of having more new movies. To navigate the selection, you will flip through the thumbnails of the movie and TV series posters. It is also possible to search for the content that you want. Once you have located the content that you want to watch all you need to do is tap the thumbnail and the stream will instantly start.

The back end of the software is a bit more complicated. The back end is an HTML/CSS/JavaScript application known as NodeJS which is rendered by a browser. The streaming is completed using the torrent client for the NodeJS which is Peerflix. All of the information needed for the content will automatically be fetched from different sources and place together while the stream is running. This works in a similar manner to traditional torrent clients.

You Can Watch Several Things

The options available on the app will change daily, but the main screen will have a listing of the most popular recent movies. The older movies on the app will also be popular movies, so if you are looking for something a little obscure then you need to choose a different app. The TV series that the app offers will be pulled from EZTV and the extensive catalogue they have of TV show torrents.

What Platforms Does It Work On?

Being a multi-platform application does not mean that it will be available for all platforms. It is possible to use the application on PC, Linux, OS X, Android and AirPlay for Apple TV. If you are going to be using iOS then you will need to use jailbreak or a hack to run the application.

Popcorn Time Is A Trustful Source

Many people wonder if an anonymously created and run application could be trusted and safe. While it is important that you always use caution, Time 4 Popcorn does state that they offer torrent traffic encryption. They will also have a free VPN which can be used which will help people in countries like the United States.

Is It Legal?

The Popcorn Time website does have a disclaimer on it at the bottom which states that downloading copyright material may be illegal in your country and that you are using the software at your own risk. However, the Time 4 Popcorn site states that the service will never be taken down. That does not help much when it comes to legality.

The BitTorrent protocol does not legally allow streaming, but the software that Popcorn Time uses does circumvent this. The use of torrents is not illegal so the download section is completely legal. However, the viewing of copyright material without paying for it is actually illegal when you have not paid for it. Depending on where you are based the legal repercussions of viewing the content will vary and could be a fine or jail time.

In the United States, the Copyrights Group monitors BitTorrent swarms of certain movies and will record the IP address of the people who share the files. They will then send out letters which threaten lawsuits and offer a settlement with a fixed fine. However, Canada is different and it is legal to download or stream content as long as you do not try to reproduce it. It is important that you look at the laws in your country if you are worried about the legality of Popcorn Time. The option is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to hide your IP address and change its location.